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About the Curriculum

Complete your international Master’s degree in one year – 13 courses spread over 4 modules:

  • 10 months at Bangkok University (Start in May) + 2 months at Babson College, Boston, USA (June-July)
  • 5 courses led by Babson Faculty in Boston
  • 5 courses led by Bangkok University Faculty and Babson/GCEE (Global Consortium of Entrepreneurship Education) Faculty
  • 3 practicum sections tied together with an industry expert mentor

Our philosophy at BUSEM offers a uniquely crafted education process that aims to simultaneously provide foundational knowledge, deep insight and personal experiences required of business managing-owners and top-level executives. As such, the degree plan blends classroom theory (curricular courses) with actual start-up venture development (co-curricular practicum). We devote over half of the program out of the classroom building a real, functional business of your choice, making it the most specialized course available that is customized specifically for future business owners.


The key difference found in the MME lies in its entrepreneurial approach toward traditional business practices. Most importantly, the program is designed to encourage a high-level of participation and personal involvement, placing our students in an environment which constantly inspires them to be motivated, curious, and therefore willing to take the necessary risks that result in new experiences and applicable knowledge that will drive them towards identifying and creating new opportunities.


By this approach, MME candidates develop strong foundational business skills that help them to effectively think and act entrepreneurially in various situations. This ability is crucially enhanced by our practicum sections, which provide the platform where a combination of leading academics and custom-selected industry mentors guide venture projects on an individual basis. Throughout the practicums, we attempt to equip our students with the critical skills and knowledge that will shield them from the most common pitfalls typically experienced by entrepreneurs in their new business ventures. Be ready to build a company from just an idea – complete with research support and devoted advisory from the best in the business, from both the academic and professional worlds.


The MME is strategically supported by three synergistic components that help ensure its long-term success. These distinctive strengths form a permanent platform to continually deliver the best entrepreneurship education possible. The three components are Bangkok University’s exclusive memberships in the Babson-founded Global Consortium for Entrepreneurship Education (GCEE), and the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) Research, in addition to the opening of BU’s expert community start-up incubator, the B3 Venture Accelerator

To effectively deliver both the curricular and co-curricular components that are the hallmark of our program, the Master of Management in Entrepreneurship graduate degree program contains 13 courses divided into three modules, beginning in May and completing a year later in April. Degree candidates will start their journey by laying new foundations at BUSEM from May, thereafter spending June & July studying at Babson College in Boston, USA.  MME participants will then return to BUSEM to finish the program with the ultimate goal of readying their business ventures for the market.