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The Art of the Start

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Here at B3, we are re-shaping the possibilities for entrepreneurial potential. The venture accelerator completes the ecosystem that will shape the new entrepreneurial leaders of tomorrow.


As BUSEM’s central component of co-curricular activity, the B3 Venture Accelerator is an incubation center where students, faculty, and industry practitioners come together. It’s an integrated teaching platform that allows you to experience facing real-time situations that develop your ability to think creatively and use an Entrepreneurially Creative Mindset to solve problems.  It is the venue where students carry out their practicum coursework, culminating in the launch of their real-world venture project.


At B3, you will find encouragement in an environment that enhances the fostering of new relationships and potential future business partners. Not only amongst your peers, but real opportunities will come from close contact with the business world itself – through BUSEM’s extensive private-public-academic (PPA) network. Gain exposure to high-potential sources of financing, from private companies [such as the Bangkok Creative Element] and commercial banks, to market-driven exit strategies such as the Market for Alternative Investments (MAi).



Our affiliate organizations are here with BUSEM to provide you with the skills and abilities that will put you in the best position to achieve your goals.  B3 will sharpen your ability to navigate change, accommodate ambiguity, disassemble complexity, and motivate teams in a common purpose to solve the issues that will define your entrepreneurial potential.


Whether you’re starting a business, creating a venture in a family enterprise, buying a business, commercializing a technology, buying a franchise, or growing a non-profit, the B3 Venture Accelerator supports and advances every variety of entrepreneurial endeavor – from ideation to exit. We tailor one-to-one support starting from within the practicum modules, and continue to provide service opportunities to your business even after your completion of the course.


At B3, we provide resources based on venture stage and type, as well as entrepreneur experience and goals. Each phase has a dedicated faculty advisor, provides open lab space to collaborate, experiment, and work, and presents a range of services:


Enhancing Idea Development

B3 provides feedback and targeted research to help develop and revise product or service ideas for start-up businesses, through to market testing and concept refinement.


One-to-One Specialist Mentoring

B3 pairs an industry-specific expert for coaching and advice on all insider issues and matters of experience –  a cutting advantage over any potential competition.


Wide Industry Networking

B3 gives our students the platform to develop business connections and foster new professional contacts that will expand your possibilities and overall potential reach.


Avenues to Financial Resources

B3 can assist in targeting the correct sources of capital; provide consulting in generating the right financial proposal for the target; as well as offer invaluable guidance on venture-stage specific financial planning and protecting your venture from typically unknown financial threats and pitfalls, such as a hostile takeover.


Consulting Services for Ventures of All Ages

B3 will provide consulting services for solving specific issues after launch, including every stage and round of finance through to exit strategy.


B3 aims to provide a life long experience where even after your program completion, you can return to expand your network, meet the new entrepreneurs, help shape new business ideas as mentors, and find modern solutions that are kept up-to-date by the latest in academic research and innovation.