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Bangkok University has partnered with Babson College – the world's #1 in entrepreneurship education – to create the Bangkok University School of Entrepreneurship and Management (BUSEM), our newest and most innovative academic faculty.

We expressly focus on the training of modern entrepreneurs who will thrive in an environment that is becoming increasingly complex and unpredictable. As entrepreneurship has been recognized as a powerful force that can drive positive change and creation, BUSEM represents our unique contribution to this increasingly important yet under-served field of study. While the teaching of entrepreneurial concepts can be found in various business school programs, it is typically dispersed over several courses – without the priority it requires in order to make a lasting impact. At BUSEM, we take a different approach by coherently focusing on the most advanced entrepreneurial learning process as the core of the program.



BUSEM and Babson College share the basic conviction that the ability to think and act entrepreneurially can be trained and nurtured. As such, BUSEM's one-year Master of Management in Entrepreneurship (MME) degree has been uniquely designed in collaboration with Babson to take advantage of their highly proven teaching methodology, which emphasizes an effective mix of interdisciplinary courses and simultaneous real-life co-curricular experiences.



As Babson’s exclusive partner in Thailand, Bangkok University’s leaders and faculties have collaborated closely with Babson’s counterparts in the design of the MME program. This includes the program’s development strategy, the Babson-based MME curriculum, co-teaching and faculty development, as well as highly important, integrated co-curricular facilities – such as the B3 Incubation Center.  As a result, BUSEM’s MME is the first seed of this dynamic partnership and is fully equipped to provide the most advanced entrepreneurship education in Thailand.